Press Kit

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Contact: Ben 717:602:9964

Band History

Six Bar Break is a full throttle, roots rock trio homed in Harrisburg PA.  Helmed by the groups primary songwriter; Ben Bollinger; they've been spreading the word about the band throughout the mid-Atlantic and picking up new fans everywhere they go.

Our style and sound takes a little bit of inspiration from yesterday and from today.  It could be described as a modern fusion of roots, rock, and blues,  but still uniquely original.  We're constantly driven to create something of our own.  Something built on the riffs, beats, and solos and glued together with a vocal begging to be heard, and a story ready to be told.

The band independently released their initial EP in September of 2016;  “Echo Seven Nine". Then in May of 2017 we released our sophomore effort; “Broken Road”  Since then we've been streaming live to fans on YouTube and Periscope;  releasing new videos,  staying in the top 10 on the local reverbnation charts and playing a full schedule in the tri-state area. 

Industry Buzz

Millennium Music Conference:
n 2015 and 2016 the band was 1 of 100 national acts selected out of 3500 submissions to be a part of the 2016 Millennium Music Conference

City II City:
n 2015 the band was 1 of 100 national acts selected in Baltimore out of 1500 submissions to be a part of the City II City 2016 event and compilation

York Revolution Battle of the bands:
n 2015 the band 1 of 3 selected to perform live at the stadium

n 2015, 2016 and 2017 the band made it to on #1 locally and regionally on

Gettysburg Rocks:
Working with the 4 Diamonds Foundation the band performed at the annual event to raise awareness and funds for Childrens cancer research.

Tubby’s & 105.7 the X’s Under the Radar night:
Central PA’s rock station selected the band to participate in a showcase of local and regional talent

Lizzar Music:
izzar Music; The Hub of Independent Music; selected the band as their first NewComer Pick and interview since the sites launch.

Youtube Channel Partner:
ix Bar Break has been live streaming on their Channel Partner page with Youtube since the band’s creation. Every month a new live track and Q&A are held to connect fans to the band.

Current Album:
he band completed their first EP; Echo Seven Nine; in April and released it at the end of Q2 in 2016. Then in May of 2017 they released their second album; Broken Road; in May.

War of the Roses III:
Working with the War of the Roses the band played at the annual expo to raise awareness and funds for The ARK Angel Foundation .

Member Bios

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Ben Bollinger (Vox, Guitar)
As a musician growing up I was greatly influenced by classic rock and blues guitar hero's. Clapton, King, Vaughn, and on and on. All of them made me find the guitar and start on a journey to craft my own sound. Once I was in my late teens I started writing and recording and honed my sound from there till now.

Gear-wise I gravitate towards the standards; A PRS Customer 24 and fender combo; but I am also a huge experimenter with different sounds. Right now a catalinbread echorec and a killer overdrive are what keeps everything on 11.
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David Long (Percussion)
Music has been a part of my life since I was a little kid. It's something that people can relate to in any situation. I've played with many great musicians over the years, in all different genres of music. Six Bar Break brings out something new in us all, and I’m ready to see where it leads.

As far as equipment I can make my sound on just about anything butTome Custom Drums, Saluda Cymbals, and Scorpion Percussion are always at the forefront.
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Robert “RT” Trowbridge (Bass)
Music has always been a way for me to communicate with life and how everything effects my soul. In 9th grade with paper route money I made monthly payments for a bass guitar. Twenty plus years later with influences from Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin , Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and every other band between now and then. I’ve created a darker side of life style that mesmerizes the soul. We all have something different to offer. I give everything; heart and soul

Currently Ibanez basses and TC bass amps get my sound to the audience but in the studio I’ll try anything.